Pedro Marque of Vale de Cupucha Pedro Marque of Vale de Cupucha



No Points, No Prose, No Bullshit

Doug Rosen buys wines directly from makers in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Hungary and visits France four to five times year. When Rosen is traveling, he will taste 150 or more wines a day. He tastes each wine at least four times before buying it. If it’s a wine maker he’s never bought from, he will taste their wine even more times before purchasing it. “I only work with wine makers who are that top of their game and are pushing boundaries,” he says.

Growing grapes and then transforming them into wine are two different skillsets, Rosen says. “I believe that when wines are well made, they should be able to translate the specificity of the site, the geography and the weather into the glass.”


  • Roses de Jeanne (Cedric Bouchard)
  • Jerome Prevost
  • Emmanuel Lassaigne
  • Legras & Haas
  • Rafflin
  • Bereche (First in the Mid-Atlantic)
  • Tissot , Mireille et Andre (Stephane)
  • Labbel – Gaec du Point Royal Masson, Jean
Loire Valley
  • Domaine Gerard Boulay
  • Domaine Jo Landron
  • Domaine Bruno Cormerais
  • Domaine Pierre Guindon
  • Domaine Manoir de la Tete Rouge
  • Domaine du Bel-Air (Pierre & Rodolphe Gauthier)
  • Domaine Fabrice Gasnier
  • Domaine Brazilier
  • Domaine Chauveau
  • Domaine Jonathan Didier Pabiot
  • Domaine de Villargeau
  • Domaine La Chapiniere de Chateauvieux
  • Domaine Mikael Bouges
  • Domaine Ricard
  • Domaine de la Grange Tiphaine
  • Domaine du Tremblay
  • Domaine Treuillet/Metenier
  • Domaine du Carrou
  • Chateau du Hureau
  • Domaine Malidain
  • Domaine Pattes Loup (Thomas Pico)
  • Domaine Guillaume & Jean Hugues Goisot
  • Domaine Olivier Morin
  • Domaine Denis Carre
  • Domaine Pillot
  • Domaine L’Eveche
  • Domaine Alain Roy
  • Jacques Saumaize
Rhone Valley
  • Domaine des Haut Chassis
  • Domaine Maby
  • Domaine Roucas Toumba
  • Domaine Jean Royer
  • Domaine Aleofane/Natascha Chave
  • Domaine de la Ligiere
  • Domaine de la Gayere
  • Domaine Serre des Vignes
  • Notre Dame des Pallieres
  • Domaine L’Or de Line
  • Château Les Valentines
  • Château de Roquefort
  • Domaine La Blaque
  • Domaine Purche-Auriol
  • Domaine Coston
  • Domaine Grand Arc
  • Domaine Clos Maia
  • Mas de la Barben
  • Mas Laval
  • Borie la Vitarele
  • Domaine Ancely
  • Roc des Anges
  • Domaine depeyre
  • Mas Mudigliza
  • Siret-Courtaud
Sud Ouest
  • Domaine Laballe
  • Domaine Laurens
  • Domaine Barreau
Sparkling Wine
  • Vitteaut-Alberti
  • Antech
  • Chateau Goubau
  • Chateau Reaut
  • Franc Couplet (Wine & Co)
  • Geyerhof
  • Josef Dockner
  • Vadio
  • Tiago Teles
  • Quinta do Romeu
  • Quinta de Gomariz
  • Somlói Vándor

photo of doug with Thomas PicoThomas Pico

doug with cedric bouchardCedric Bouchard

photo of a young jerome prevostJerome Prevost

Emmanuel LassaigneEmmanuel Lassaigne

Doug with Gerard BoulayGerard Boulay

Bruno Cormerais, Doug, Jo LandronBruno Cormerais, Doug, Jo Landron

Stephane, Doug and MurielStephane, Doug and Muriel

photo of laurent pillotLaurent Pillot

photo of jerome coessensJerome Coessens

photo of Kelly FoxKelly Fox

Father and son, João and João-Pedro-MenerezJoão and João-Pedro-Menerez