Be the first to discover cutting-edge wines from true artisan winemakers. Passionately selected by Doug Rosen, owner of Arrowine, whose friendships, palate and knowledge are respected by winemakers worldwide.

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Photo of Winemaker Yannick Evenou inspects grapes; Chateau Reaut, Bordeaux, France
Winemaker Yannick Evenou inspects grapes; Chateau Reaut, Bordeaux

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This classic merlot/cabernet sauvignon/cabernet franc blend has to be tried to be believed. Meticulous vineyard work and winemaking means this Bordeaux blend punches way up above its price point. Longtime Bordeaux drinkers will love it, and those who think Bordeaux is only for the wealthy will discover the joys of properly made, delicious Bordeaux red wine. A pleasure now or to appreciate over the next several years.


Where the Hell is Doug Now?

As the fortunes of the area's wines have fallen and risen, so have those of Bordeaux itself. Nearly 40 years of travel and experience in the region now find me arriving in a city I wouldn't recognize from my first visits. From a state of severe decline with little to offer travelers, to a hip modern tourist hotspot with a plethora of restaurants and attractions to recommend, Bordeaux's transformation has been complete and remarkable.

Photo of Doug with friends at Le Cochon Volant, Bordeaux, France

Doug with friends at Le Cochon Volant, Bordeaux, France

Doug’s Discoveries

Doug’s Discoveries

Doug with Alain Roy of Domaine Alain Roy Montagny

It’s all about the wine

“Without a doubt, I’m the hardest working wine professional in the market today, and I say that without any sense of conceit,” Rosen says. “In many cases, I’m the first person to bring these great wine makers to America’s attention.”

*What the heck is schist? A metamorphic rock derived mostly from clay, but it can be made from several other rocks. Schist is a soft rock that flakes and breaks easily. The soil forces roots deep into the ground, getting a notion of terroir or mineral focus. Schist holds the heat of the day and releases it back during the night and is one of the key rock types in certain fine European vineyard areas. Many of Germany’s greatest Rieslings grow in the bare schist of the Mosel and Rhine valleys, while most vines in Portugal’s Douro valley and Spain’s Priorat and France’s Faugères regions gnarl up out of a stony schist.

From the Start, Only the Best.

Doug’s interest in wine started back in the ’80s

Doug Rosen is not your average wine retailer. He has been curating fine wines since he was 21 and has been working with some winemakers for three generations. “I’m known internationally as a retailer who works as an importer,” says Rosen, who co-owns Arrowine and Cheese in Arlington, Va., and Arrowine and Spirits in Washington, D.C.

From the Start, Only the Best.

Doug taking a day off from his studies at George Washington University to hang out at the Tidal Basin, Washington DC in 1976.