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Wine for Winemakers website content and design is protected under copyright. We welcome the sharing of content found on our site by non-commercial entities only, under the guidelines outlined below. If you wish to share or utilize our content and are a business/commercial entity, we are happy to work with you on a case by case basis. Please Email Doug directly: with details.


Give Doug all the credit-he deserves it.

You must cite the original source in every place our content is used; and include a ‘dofollow’ link if possible. This cannot in any way suggest that we endorse you or the
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Doug gets upset when you use his content for your commercial business profit.

Wine for Winemakers permits others to copy, distribute and transmit the work. In return, licensees may not use the work for commercial purposes without permission. Contact Email Doug directly: for commercial use.

Social Media

Attribute Wine for Winemakers.

If re-posting or sharing our content (text and/or images) on social media sites (including but not limited to) Instagram and Facebook, we ask that you attribute the content back to Wine for Winemakers (Instagram= @WineforWinemakers)