photo of serol-eclat-de-granite

2018 Sérol Eclat de Granite

The partially underground cellar contains mostly cement tanks and some wooden tronconic tanks. These temperature-controlled tanks are perfectly sized for vinifying separate vineyard origin. After sorting, the whole bunches are gently transferred by conveyor belt into tank. Fermentation takes place exclusively with natural yeasts. The aging period lasts 4 to 11 months, and the wine is racked as needed. 


With notes of strawberries and dark red cherries, there’s just a kiss of stone dust. The palate is a soft, vinous caress that effortlessly seduces with seamless flavors of peak-of-the-season, red-ripe strawberries with just a hint of ripe cranberry brightness. The wine continues to a supple, mouthwatering, lingering finish. It’s just so damn good – and it goes with any food.

Vinification Method

High density of planting (8 500 feet/ha). The soils are plowed and the vines are nourished by the previous year’s cuttings, by organic compost and by powdered limestone (to neutralize the soil’s acidity). Human intervention comes into play several times during each season for de-budding, trellising, leaf-thinning. Grapes harvested by hand before carefully sorting them in cellar. 40% destemed and maceration in whole bunch in cement tanks with temperature control. 9 days of slow maceration with indigenous yeasts only. Pneumatic pressing. Aging of 6 months in cement tanks with racking. After a light filtration, bottling by Domaine Sérol.


WINERY: Domaine Sérol

Les Estinaudes - 42 370 Renaison

+ 33 (0)4 77 64 44 04



AREA: Côte Roannaise


COLOR: Intense dark red color


ALCOHOL: 12.5%

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